EkoNest is a purpose-driven sustainable lifestyle brand for shoppers who care about people & the planet.

At EkoNest, our purpose is to help our customers contribute to a clean and healthy planet. Like you, we’re passionate about helping the environment. Our company’s foundation is built on our values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. We conduct our business in an environmentally responsible, socially responsible and ethical manner, putting the environment at the core of everything we do. It is our mission to help people and businesses all over the globe to minimize plastic waste with our products.

As a small, family-owned, female-led company, our brand is a real passion for usWe’re closely involved in the material sourcing, design, manufacturing and distribution of each item we sell. With our combined backgrounds in sustainability, compliance, and design, we’re experts in caring for our planet. With this we have the knowhow to develop high quality, eco-products which are an excellent alternative to harmful plastic and help prevent waste.


We stand by our sustainability principles and, rather than simply consuming resources, we work with our environment to ensure that everyone who uses EkoNest products or sells our brand is helping the planet.

In developing our line, we’ve adhered to strict environmentally-friendly principles. Each of our products must meet at least two of the following criteria:

✅ Compostable or biodegradable

✅ Contains no toxins or harmful ingredients

✅ Made from recycled or recyclable materials

At EkoNest, we never use palm oil; none of our products are wrapped in conventional plastic; and our stock is imported in full containers where possible to avoid unnecessary packaging and reduce our carbon footprint. A number of our products are certified vegan: manufactured without animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients, and all completely cruelty-free. Plus, wherever possible, we like to support our community by working with local freelancers and other small businesses.


Although many eco-product brands purchase ready-made items for resale, we source all materials used for the production of our products ourselves to ensure our customers are getting not only quality products but products that are made following ethical practices and environmentally friendly processes. We make sure to only partner with manufacturers and material suppliers who treat their workers justly and pay a fair wage. Each are continuously audited for ethical practices, meeting strict health, safety, and fair labor laws – in addition to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes which include conserving energy, water, and waste.

Every material used in the creation of our products is tested through third-party accredited laboratories to meet global regulatory requirements and ensure that our products meet and exceed high-bar FDA standards.


Since we started EkoNest in 2018, we have been accepted into Climate KIC (Europe’s leading climate innovation initiative which supports entrepreneurs with solutions to help combat climate change) and ARIS (an accelerator founded by Deloitte & the Bank of Cyprus to help startups transform innovative ideas).

Our clients include both individual buyers dedicated to sustainable living, and corporate companies interested in reducing their environmental footprint (check out our range of products that are fully customisable to your brand!). We also work closely with an environmental NGO which supports education and awareness on the harm caused by excessive and improper disposal of waste, and the use of plastic. In addition to supporting other wonderful environmental and wildlife conservation organizations on an ongoing basis; a number of eco-friendly fundraising organizations and individuals, and with our very own EkoNest Brand Ambassadors.

We endeavor to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible (not always easy when you’re a small business!), utilising recycled rather than virgin materials in our manufacturing process; our produce bags, for instance, are made from recycled water bottles. We also keep wastage to a minimum (did you know, most companies throw away 20% of their goods due to imperfections, errors in color, mistakes in design, or excess material?) by using scrap materials for other purposes. Our leftover box paper become cards and protective packaging, activated carbon is made from excess bamboo, and any products with minor imperfections are donated to students of local schools and various charities.

We’re always transparent about what goes into the development and making of each of our products here at EkoNest.
That way, you know you’re buying sustainable, ethical items that are helping – not harming – people or our precious planet.